Fiction or Truth?

by Castles

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released November 25, 2013

Fiction or Truth?
Written and Performed by Castles

Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou, at Godcity, Salem, Massachusetts, USA, from the 25th of July to the 3rd of August, 2013.

Mastered by Brad Boatright, at Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon, USA

Drum Tech – Alex Garcia Riviera

Castles are:
Bertrand Bourguignon – Drums
Jérôme Considérant – Electric bass guitar
Edward Godby – Electric guitar and non-electric voice

All music by Bourguignon, Godby and Considérant
All words by Godby

Castles use Matamp Amplifiers

First press (Palm Reader Records) - orange/white & black/red is now SOLD OUT!
Second press (Black Basset Records) - Goalkeeper yellow is available everywhere!

Management – Gilles Roman –



all rights reserved


CASTLES Gouy Lez Piéton, Belgium

Three men. Three instruments. Two nationalities. Great sounds.


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Track Name: Palm Reader
Palm reader

So happy to see you

Can you magic my pain away?

There are people that put you down

Faith healer

I so need you to be there

Just a touch of your blessed hands

And the scars will be old and worn

Not weeping and new

Hate preacher

Travelled miles to tell you

Superstition can’t save you now

You’re on your own my child

To suffer and writhe

Rag and bone man

Curse, spell, hex, sham

Read our fortunes

Make your fortune

Rag and bone man

Curse, spell, hex, sham
Track Name: Bask in the Slimelight
We can tell from the look on your face that the noise isn’t what was expected

It’s quite clear from your quivering voice

That when you signed up for the cause you were hoping to become infected

But the bone meal stayed intact

It’s a long way to the ground from up here we can see through the backs of your skulls.

We can be what you want us to be, as long as you pay for the lip-gloss

I can be frank or painfully vague

What you need is a servant, a slave, and a puppet to dribble your chocolate

We dribble nothing but phlegm

There’s no-one paving the way, let the fanfare drown out.

After all, what can these men expect? Let’s let the apes roam.

In a cruel twist of fate all the lights have gone out and all hope is extinguished

You’re left just clutching at thin air

We weren’t surprised to discover your plans for an instant replacement

You could see that one coming for miles

This won’t be instigated

Until our backs have healed

And blades are sheathed and treated.
Track Name: Long Distance Runner
Flame and tremor, check the cracks on the lines

I take pleasure from this satisfying test of time

You always pull me through

Whenever my nerves are exposed

I know it’s not simple; see your glassy eyes, from my gloom osmosed

Don’t mean to make a song and dance but…

My obstacles are beneath bones that you can’t see

I’m trying to circumnavigate them all, quite publicly

You always pull me through

And it’s often your strength that gets spent

You’ve a tired soul, I know, well friend right now I must repent

Don’t dare ask why you’re so patient

You’re a long distance runner, you can’t tire of this

With wax and wood and steel

All guts no glory

We’re taking on a time that’d see us hang

Can’t buy confidence or make sense of the absurd

You’re the foundations of a monument that’s seen, not heard

You always pull me through

Dull ache in my eye sockets, I need a signal flag

Got a list of ‘things to do’ in your make-up bag

An optimist to melt my mountains
Track Name: We are Fascinated
Try to study my skin

Every line and every crack and every mark, connecting you and I

Imagine my heart

As solid as meat, as fragile as love, creating a beat and pumping - tireless in the dark.

I’m where I want to be

You’re where I want to be

I try to study your eyes

The sugar-drop doors of endless reports that tickle my soul, we will be happy after all.

Alive and aware

I’m fascinated by the way that you’re so fascinated

So fascinated

So frail and small

I’ll watch you grow

I’ll cut the path

And watch you go

Burn your frock, and burn your hair

On trembling leg, transport me there
Track Name: Untame
The badger hopped and snarled and cackled

As people looked upon in disbelief

The sailors fighting in the dancehall

That David mentioned in the seventies.
Track Name: Fiction or Truth
The salt on your tongue

Red lips like ruby

Eyeing the skyline

Green meets with blue

When wind whipped the waves

And sun licked the silence

Rolling, controlling

Fiction or truth

My wit is undeniably skewed, I won’t drink anymore

This one is disrespectfully slow in falling to the floor

She turns her wishes into commands; I’m waiting at the door
Track Name: Chew the Roots
I didn’t mean to buy it

Commercial break made me bleed

Shovelling coin and gore

Providing laughter

I didn’t need to get it

Advertisement made me weak

Peddling junk before

Bankrupt hereafter

I didn’t choose to feel it

I only want to believe

That I’m not making do in the face of my failures

Turn the winch eh oh eh oh

Wrinkles in the plaster

Turn the winch eh oh eh oh

Nothing’s what I master

I bleed and I live and I breathe this compromise

And if it never will cease, I’ll scratch out my own eyes

Hey, you! You can’t be saved.

No way of side-stepping the grave

Handmade to chew on the roots
Track Name: Boneshaker
Chemical drips, kiss me on the clavicle

It was fine until I took the Tramadol

She’ll never know

As the clocks tick the night become an animal

Lurking back and forth, remaining casual

Terribly slow

You are 16, 18 - 34 with a scar

You think that nothing can stop you performing in this

Glamorous show

You be the____________, And I’ll be a_____________

I was mistaken; I’ve not read the small print - my mind’s been erased

She can be innovative

Aroused in a sense, this sensation is different - your mind’s been erased

She can be oh so frustrating

Unstoppable force attracts a certain kind of man

Open up so wide, give me diazepam, cavernous hole

I’ve been imagining this in the future

With prosthetic limbs I’m afraid just don’t suit that feminine glow

The old bones a’ crumble

Continue, convinced that weakness isn’t stopping you

Turn it on; turn it up (turn it off)

She can be innovative, waxing your dreams with a view to preserve them

She can be oh so frustrating, dancing for hours with no one to shout ‘stop.’
Track Name: Followed by 100 Rats
All in line we march

Human pistons, forever pumping

Please don’t stop the music

Until our infestation is complete.

There’s no justice in business

Kisses his fishwife, like his mistress

Slick shoes are cruel shoes for clownshoes

It’s finally out of my reach

And I can’t take any more

I’m out of touch and out of time

It’s far from discrete

Like a blood stained aftermath

Far from discrete

Investor’s not concerned with convention

Likes Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

Clownshoes are cruel shoes for slick shoes

He can’t explain the way this power makes him feel

He’d be more generous if people didn’t steal

Gets carried away

So carried away

He’d like to be your man but you’re not up to scratch

To be carried away

And I’ve been wondering just how many snakes you can fit in a boardroom

I don’t care. I won’t be there

Just pour the coffee love, and hitch your skirt up

I said I’ve been wondering just how many snakes you can fit in a boardroom

I said, I don’t care, I won’t be there

Just line ‘em up Clarice, and zip your mouth up
Track Name: The Great Rot
‘His mouth is mealy’

Was at the foot of the list of all the pros and the cons

‘…and he spits when he talks.’

Everyone sing on account of your lies

We’re all teeth and hair, and spleen and liver and lungs

With skin like sugar

Last push to understand

The great rot

Of a tried and tested hand

With a somewhat loyal touch

The great rot

Doesn’t seem to matter much

Listen boy, and be aware

The great rot

React, don’t stand and stare.

Why breathe hate over lands made of lovers? On septic hands we crawl on mistakes.

Everybody dance, celebrate with the flies

This removal of breath, it takes a hold of your spine

And turns your stomach

Burns down so quickly

Oh so terribly cold, in the perpetual snow

So enjoy your Indian summer, before it ends.